Education & Beyond: Shaping & Locating Identity Unwrapped

Author: Sarah Scarsbrook

  • Education & Beyond: Shaping & Locating Identity Unwrapped


    Education & Beyond: Shaping & Locating Identity Unwrapped



This paper revisits the Education and Beyond plenary session from the Visual Artists Today symposium held at Birkbeck in May 2015, by one of its conveners and chair Sarah Scarsbrook.  Each of the presentations that took place during the session on art education; Jenny Robins, All Inspiration is Valid, Indrani Ashe, The Unconventional Woman: Portrait of the Artist in Limbo and Alison Goodyear, Precarity: practice and the PhD, are summarized and key points are explored as an overview of the plenary session is compiled. Central arguments that followed the talks on the day that were discussed through audience contribution and debate, are later critiqued in the paper utilising theoretical interpretations relating to Sarah’s MPhil/PhD research in the area of identity and visual arts education.  Lastly one of the key debates of the session and wider subject, that of the oft-assumed conflict between creativity, the market and professionalism, is examined through some contradictory viewpoints from a range of artists, educators and curators.

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Published on
11 Dec 2015
Peer Reviewed