Short Circuit

voile blanc [from signs for notation]

Author: Dez Mendoza

  • voile blanc [from signs for notation]

    Short Circuit

    voile blanc [from signs for notation]



Mendoza is a Northumbrian poet and researcher at Birkbeck, University of London, investigating identity through poetic practice. Mendoza writes and performs under several personas, most notably Linus Slug, and/or Elffish Jon. Mendoza’s work references Northumbrian history, North-Eastern dialect as well as insect folklore and mythology, engaging with the act of remembering and the ways in which memory alters or defines the formation of individual, social, and cultural identities. Mendoza/Linus Slug is the founder of ninerrors poetry series, editor of FREAKLUNG poetry zine and co-editor/event organizer at Stinky Bear Press.

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Mendoza, D., (2013) “voile blanc [from signs for notation]”, Dandelion: Postgraduate Arts Journal and Research Network 4(2). doi:

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Published on
10 Dec 2013
Peer Reviewed