• Methodology%20in%20the%20Medical%20%20Humanities%3A%20A%20Short%20Narrative%20of%20Theory%20and%20Practice


    Methodology in the Medical Humanities: A Short Narrative of Theory and Practice



I was first confronted with the term medical humanities about ten years ago. It appeared in a document which asked me what provision I had made for the subject in the area of postgraduate medical training for which I had responsibility. Despite many years of practice and experience at dealing with the increasingly authoritarian demands of regulatory bodies in healthcare and medical education my response was not to craft some suitably erudite and reassuring reply. My reaction wasn’t even: ‘Oh no! Not yet another requirement for which we have little time and resource!’ It was quite simpler: ‘What on earth is medical humanities?’ Therefore, I still feel something of a fraud when asked to talk or write on the subject.

How to Cite: Nawrocki, J . (2017) “Methodology in the Medical Humanities: A Short Narrative of Theory and Practice”, Dandelion: Postgraduate Arts Journal and Research Network. 8(1). doi: 10.16995/ddl.370



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Published on
22 Jun 2017
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